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Hope Crump Insurance

Hi, I’m Hope,

your Medicare resource in the Salem, Oregon area.

I am a licensed Health and Life Insurance agent in the states of Oregon and Washington, and I am certified in Medicare. I help people navigate the complex world of Medicare and identify the right coverage to fit their health needs and lifestyle. As an independent agent, I am contracted with multiple Medicare carriers, so I can help you find the plan that is right for you. I am a commissioned sales agent, which means that I get paid by the insurance company if you sign up for a plan with me. My services are available at no additional cost to you and there is no pressure to choose a plan that I represent.

Medicare Made Simple

Independent insurance agency

Independent Insurance Agency

Why should you choose an independent agency? Quite simply, because we can give you options. Not sure which Medicare plan is right for you? We take the time to identify your health care needs, priorities and budget. If you reside in Oregon or Washington, we can show you plans from multiple carriers, narrowing down the options, so you know you’re getting the right fit for you.​

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The best way to get your Medicare questions answered and determine the right plan to meet your needs is to set up an appointment. I offer appointments in my office or in your home. If you live out of town or would prefer to meet virtually, we can set up a Zoom call. Don’t miss your opportunity to enroll, and don’t go it alone. Call or email today for a no-cost, no-obligation appointment.


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Medicare insurance services
Medicare Insurance Services

Are you turning 65 or retiring and wondering if Original Medicare is enough coverage for you?

dental insurance
Dental Insurance

After age 65, caring for your teeth and gums is an important part of maintaining overall health.

Additional coverage
Additional Coverage

As you prepare for retirement, this is an important time to address additional care and expenses.

Find The Right Fit For Your Health Care Needs

When it comes to Medicare, you have options. Get answers to your questions such as:

  • Is Original Medicare enough health coverage for me?
  • What is the difference between Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplement?
  • Are my prescriptions covered?
  • How much will my health coverage cost?
  • Are there deadlines to enroll?
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Hospital Stays

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Doctor Visits


Medicare insurance

Medicare Advantage

Prescription drug insurance

Prescription Drugs

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Happy Clients

The greatest compliment we can receive is a referral from our clients.

Thank you for trusting us with your health care needs and for telling your friends and family about us.

-Ulana P., Mt. Angel

Hope was informative and very professional. We quickly weeded though plans that did not meet my needs and focused on just a few to compare. Hope diligently inquired about my current health care providers and my prescription needs and researched which plans might be the most advantageous for me. Everything that needed to be done was accomplished quickly, but with care and precision. I will be forever grateful!

-Michael H., Salem

“I met Ms. Crump at kiosk in a local grocery store.  I found her engaging and informative.  The more I asked, the more I realized how knowledgeable and experienced she was.  Hope was prepared and efficient in setting me up with a better insurance program than I had.  I recommend her and her firm highly; and I’m convinced that you will be pleased with her professionalism, knowledge and efficiency…just as I experienced.”

-Bill S., Turner

“Hope did a wonderful job of taking me through all the options and pointing out the best choices. It’s all very overwhelming when you first try to sort through all the information you are saturated with. Hope made it all seem easy. She has always been available to answer any future questions. She is very thorough, knowledgeable, professional and friendly. I highly recommend her.”

-Gordon K., Salem

I have been extremely happy with Hope’s presentation of insurance plans and the explanation of the effect and impact to my personal schedule and finances. She has also made herself available for additional questions after the policies were executed. Hope’s professionalism and communication skills are greatly appreciated.

-John U., Salem

Without a question Hope is a very professional Medicare agent as well as a very kindhearted individual. At a time when moving forward seemed next to impossible for me as a senior citizen dealing with issues such as Social Security, Medicare coverage, etc. Hope was there with options, advice, direction and concern. You could not make a better choice than Hope Crump for your Medicare insurance needs.

-Sharron S., Salem

I appreciate that Hope is my Medicare Agent. I am not at all knowledgeable about the Medical and Insurance fields.  Therefore, I need guidance and periodically have questions. I have even asked to meet with her to discuss some things I was not clear about. She is always very accommodating, patient, and kind.”

-Sara G., Monmouth

We asked Hope Crump to help us with our Medicare Insurance and she was very helpful.  She even offered to come to our home and help us with all the paperwork.  She was right on time, very efficient, and knowledgeable.   She was able to help us find the right plan for us in a very short time.  We have reached out to her with questions since then, and she has the answers or directs us where to find them.

-Marc S., Salem

I wish my wife and I had found Hope before our first Medicare attempts. Not only is she educated on Medicare and super easy to work with, she takes what can be a nightmarish experience and turns it into a positive one. Lots of options were shown and the pros and cons of each were also pointed out. If you are looking for someone to get you through the Medicare sign-up and renewal processes, she is probably among the best anywhere.

-Ron B., Salem

When it was time for me to begin looking into my own Medicare plans, I turned to Hope Crump, an agent that specializes in the Medicare markets.  Hope spent time inquiring about health concerns I might have now or going forward. She then presented multiple options with the pros and cons and costs of each plan. When I made my decision she helped me get signed up for the plan and since then, whenever I have questions or concerns Hope has always been available to answer my questions and get me in touch with what providers I might need. She is my agent for life.

-Mel L., Salem

Hope is very professional, easy to work with and gives great service.

-Patricia F., Portland

My experience with Hope has been fantastic! She is knowledgeable, professional and respectful. She is very thorough, providing answers and information in an effective and timely manner. I highly recommend Hope as a Licensed Medicare Agent.

-Ron H., Salem

Hope helped me get properly signed up for my Medicare and supplemental insurance.  She was responsive and I never worried about any of it. She knows what she is doing. No stress.

-Corey S., Salem

Hope Crump earns 5 stars. I recently needed to enroll in Medicare and Social Security, and Hope provided much-needed information about the options and benefits.  She has a wealth of knowledge and is able to answer questions and help guide clients successfully through the process. I highly recommend Hope Crump to anyone.

-Terry M., Salem

As I approached 65, I thought I’d be able to figure out the maze of  Medicare programs. However, there is so much information, some of which doesn’t make sense. My initial choice at 65 was okay;  however, with some of my medical conditions, I had a lot of non-covered expenses. Fortunately, a new enrollment period started a few months after my 65th birthday and with Hope Crump’s help and guidance, I enrolled in new plans that saved me thousands of dollars in out of pocket expenses. 

I’m very pleased with her knowledge and experience and will be visiting with her again before the new year begins. Thanks Hope!

-Beatriz F., Salem

When I was turning 65 last year, I was all stressed having to sign up for Medicare with all the correspondence arriving daily. It was overwhelming! Hope Crump met with me twice at my kitchen table where she explained everything to me and made it crystal clear. She got me all ready for Medicare very professionally, and to this day I am extremely grateful for her help. One would not be able to find a better Medicare agent than Hope! Thank you for all you did for me!

Frequently Asked Questions 

Medicare and the many options available to you can be confusing and sometimes overwhelming.

Your health care needs and concerns are unique to you, but there are some general questions that we find most people ask.

When am I eligible for Medicare?

You are eligible for Original Medicare when you turn 65. In some instances, you may become eligible for Medicare before age 65 due to a disability or other special situation. When turning 65, you have an initial enrollment period that begins three months before and ends threes months after the month of your 65th birthday. You may enroll in both Parts A and B of Medicare and also enroll in a Medicare Advantage or prescription drug plan during this window.

What do I do about Medicare if I'm working past age 65?

If you do not plan on retiring at or before age 65, you may enroll in just Part A of Medicare. Generally, Part A is premium free if you or your spouse worked for at least 10 years. You may delay enrollment in Part B without paying a penalty as long as you continue to have creditable health insurance coverage through your employer.

What's the difference between a Medicare Supplement and Medicare Advantage?

A Medicare Supplement is available through private insurers and covers some or most of the co-pays and co-insurance that are part of Original Medicare. A Medicare Advantage plan is available through a private insurer who contracts with Medicare to provide your Part A and Part B coverage. These plans often include additional benefits that are not covered under Original Medicare, such as prescription drugs, vision, hearing, dental and other health-related benefits.

How much does Medicare cost?

Medicare Part A is generally premium free if you or your spouse worked for at least 10 years. Medicare Part B has a monthly premium that is currently $171.10 for most people (in 2022). If you qualify for extra help, you may pay less for Part B and if you have a higher income in retirement, you may pay more. You may also pay co-pays, co-insurance and deductibles. The total cost for your Medicare coverage will depend on the coverage you choose and services you use.

What are co-pays, co-insurance and deductibles?

A co-pay is a flat amount that you pay to see a provider or receive a particular service. Co-insurance is the percentage of a service or procedure that you must pay. For example, Medicare pays 80% of your visit to your doctor, and you pay 20% of the cost. A deductible is the amount you are responsible for paying before insurance or Medicare coverage begins.

Where can I get help paying for Medicare?

Financial assistance for people with limited assets or income is available in the form of Extra Help for prescription drug costs and Medicaid. These programs are available through the state, and the amount of help varies based on financial qualifications. Your Medicare agent can help you with filling out the necessary forms to see if you qualify.

How Can We Help You? 

Get your Medicare questions answered today, by calling 503-461-5546 or email: [email protected]. You may also request a phone call to get more information about Medicare Supplement, Medicare Advantage and Prescription Drug plans by filling out the contact form below.

An appointment to review your coverage options is always available at no cost to you, and you are not obligated to purchase any specific plan.